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Boku no Hero Academia: Ikinokore! Kesshi no Survival Kunren Anime Cover

Score: 7.04/10


In this brand-new adventure, some Class 1-A students are sent to hone their survival skills at a training course. Having yet to receive their provisional licenses, they're eager to cut loose and have a little fun. They quickly discover that the danger they face is no simulation! It's going to take their combined training, teamwork, and quick thinking if they're going to pass this assignment! (Source: Funimation)

Apparently they did this OVA just so we wouldn’t forget the work, because the story is very bland, it doesn’t add anything new and I didn’t even have fun.
As it was an OVA, they could have chosen a different footprint showing more of the characters’ lives and not the same thing as always.
Finally, I don’t recommend it very much if you are not a fan of swimming Boku no hero, as it is an empty story, which will make you not wait for a season more than anything else. But if you are a fan.
Compared to the original series there is no comparison, the original is 100 times higher, so don’t take this OVA as a base to see the other seasons

Honestly, I wish we could see more of the dorm life instead of the training that we can already see enough of in the main story. It's not like this OVA is in any way terrible but it is very mediocre. Of course for some fans, just seeing some moments with their favourite characters will be enough and I admit, for Tokoyami, Todoroki, Deku and Bakugou fans, there surely are some nice screens and scenes. There are also small scenes of Izuku and Ochaco being cute, and Iida and Momo having a nice relationship as class representatives. Other than that, this OVA is very bland, the objective they aim to accomplish is nothing original nor interesting. I wish we could see how Team B training went too but as we can easily see, this group contained less popular characters who will probably never be much developed. Previous special episodes were much more enjoyable, at least for me. This one is nothing special. 5/10

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