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Score: 8.17/10


Conan Edogawa, the Detective Boys, and Professor Hiroshi Agasa decide to visit the Nishitamashi Twin Towers. There they run into Ran Mouri; her closest friend, Sonoko Suzuki, and Ran's father, the famous Kogorou Mouri. Learning the trio are attending the towers' grand opening, Conan and company tag along for a private tour of its floors. However, as preparations are finalized for the opening ceremony, their visit takes an unexpected turn—three brutal murders occur, seemingly linked to a mysterious Porsche 356A. Soon after, as Conan and the detectives dive deeper into the case, the towers are rocked by an explosion. With fire rapidly spreading and lives in danger, police desperately seek to evacuate everyone. But when the elevator, their only means to escape goes down, Conan and company are left behind. With help on its way, they frantically try to keep everyone safe, but time is running out if they want to bring the perpetrators to justice. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

I can’t help myself, but this movie isn’t just one of my favourite Conan-movies, no, it is one of my favourite movies overall and, so I guess, one of those movies I’ve re-watched most (tied with great movies such as LotR, Titanic, the dark Knight-trilogy and so on).

But why do I think so?
There are a plethora of reasons! The animation, the storyline, the dramatic and the score… I just got into it so fast and I can’t get away…

Of course, the animation might be a bit outdated, because this movies goes back to the very beginning of the last decade; however, it’s still wonderful to watch it! The Animation and the score, side by side, work wonderfully together! And that’s why there’s room for the story – it allows to improve itself even without much dialouge!

I did enjoy (and I still do so) the characters and their background stories – which is for a conan movie always quite important!

So, I just can say: go and watch it!

One might think that the idea or inspiration for this movie came from the 911 attacks, however, this is not so, the same way as Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers had no relation. This was released in April of that same year, so it was months before the attack happened. Why the comparison to the attacks? Well, because for one thing there are a few simularities and second, one might feel a bit of nolstalgia from this movie, a good kind, as... well, the thing about detective mysteries, it is very rare that the detective gets to die, so you know that there is a happy ending, which is nice in comparision to the 911 attacks. Art: 9 It had beautiful art work in this. I loved for example, the design for the two towers, and I also liked the paintings of the painter. There are other things I liked about the art, but hey... that would kind of give spoilers for the movie. Sound: 7 This one didn't have much varience from the typical Detective Conan score, not from what I could see. Characters: 8 How to go about this without spoiling things. I have to say that the murder in this happened to have such a beautiful, dramatic reasoning behind it, but murder is still murder. It was one that I have to say I definatly liked. I loved how Sonako is rather concerned with her looks, but when isn't she? I also liked how quite a few of the canon characters, expessully Ran and Conan get their kicks of heroics. Sherry is as always, her pesimistic self. I am seriously trying to think of things to say that doesn't give away the plotline here. The new characters almost have no character development along the way, until the very end. So that is a problem. Enjoyment: 10 My enjoyment was high, but I related this to the 911 tradgedy. And it wasn't like it was, oh... they based this on 911, but I did wonder and go research that small detail there. I had to say that I was rather impressed with the action scenes too. I can't tell much as for this one it would give away the plot line... and for murder mystery, that can be a bad thing. Overall: 8 For this movie, I would say that a lot of people might like it, but there are going to be a few people who don't, might call it clique. Some people might go and say that it is based of 911 and they are trying to make money off of it, much like someone did with the Two Towers Movie for Lord of the Rings. I also wonder if this is going to be brought over here, or if they might skip bringing the movie over here. Or if they will release the third and forth movies in time, they will be able to release this in time for the tenth anaversary of 911, which to me would be cool, but for some people, they might not like it.

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