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Score: 8.19/10


Kid has his eyes set on the "Lady of the Sky" jewel aboard Bell 3, the largest airship in the world. However, a mysterious terrorist group called Red Shamu-neko (Red Siamese Cat) has hijacked the airship itself, along with Conan and his allies Kogoro and Ran. (Source: ANN)

Detective Conan movies generally follow a certain trend shared with it’s parent series: a murder happens, Conan and friends are pulled in, and he solves it within the 2 hours we watch the movie. It’s almost a tried and true method that few movies break away from (the most obvious being the amazing Phantom of Baker Street movie, though even there it still does revolve around the formula). But with The Lost Ship in the Sky, we instead get something different, which may benefit the series in more ways than one.

Story (9/10): Conan and friends are invited on Sonoko’s Uncles blimp/airship to witness a battle between him and Conan’s other ‘antagonist’, Kaitou Kid. But things aren’t exactly alright, since there has been a bio-terrorist attack on a lab that housed a deadly bacteria that has sent Japan into a panicked state….and of course the terrorist cell has landed on the airship itself. It becomes a race against time for our detective as he has to stop the hijacking, contain the bacteria, and stop Kid from stealing the jewel once they reach Osaka.

What makes this different from other Conan movies is that this is more of a thriller style story than a murder mystery. While there is still the mystery aspect, specifically what the terrorist group is doing and what their main goal is, it just feels more action packed and exciting than other stories. It definitely benefits from having at least 4 sets of groups running through the story, with Conan and Kid on the airship, Osakan detective Hattori covering the ground, the other main cast in the cabins of the airship, and the police characters just assisting the two (they aren’t in the movie much, if at all). The story just feels like a thriller novel and works fairly well in-universe. I can only hope that we see more films that take this kind of risk and do something different.

The movie also benefits from also being a Kaitou Kid movie, since it adds a little more dimension to his relationship with Conan (even if it is somewhat non-canon thanks to being a movie). Though the only drawback is that the plot isn’t fully focused on Kid himself, leaving his fans still in wait of a movie that’ll be an epic clash between him and Conan. (It does lead to an amusing comment from Ran, implying that she remembers the events of movie 8, Magician of the Silver Sky.)

Art (8/10): No complaints here, in that the art for the movies just get better and better as they go along. The action scenes are well done and I have to do something unique and say that the shading for the day and night scenes are very well done. Especially in the case of the ending.

Sound (5/10): Here’s a weird complaint- was the sound director drunk when he was assigning which tracks to use with which scenes? Cause BOY is there some music mood whiplash in this movie. Normally I wouldn’t comment on it, but it’s pretty jarring to have silly sounding music playing through a HIJACKING scene. It’s like that all over the place and it’s insanely distracting. The normal Conan music is great, don’t get me wrong, but the incidental tracks are placed in the worst spots possible.

For example, near the end of the film is the big showdown with the Big Bad and Conan, and it switches to the rest of the cast with ‘hilarious’ music being played, then WHOOSH right back to serious mode. It’s pretty bad.

Character (7/10): The normal cast is here (sans the police characters, who are only really in like 3 scenes total), so nothing really interesting happens with them. But having Kaitou Kid and Hattori here are always a positive thing since they bounce off of Conan so well. Really, their interactions are the best thing about the movie. And of course, as is tradition, we get a bit of the romance angle coming in thanks to the always sneaky Kid doing his Shinichi impersonation on Ran, though it seems like she’s starting to catch on to his tricks.

The villains are pretty good, though as with most Conan movie antagonists, they kind of fall apart towards the end. That’s really all I can say without spoiling other reveals, though.

Enjoyment (9/10): Hot damn was this movie a lot of fun! Thanks to the thriller aspects, the plot was pretty unpredictable and just a ton of fun to watch unfold. It’s just different enough that I was fully entertained by everything, and come on! Who doesn’t love them some Kaitou Kid? 😀

Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky is another strong movie entry into the franchise, with a great story, well done art, and the inclusion of fan favorite Kaitou Kid. While my main complaint is that the music has problems, it’s overall a fun and interesting film for fans to see.

8/10 = great movie for fans and non fans alike, though knowledge of Kaitou Kid will help you get the most out of the film; don’t go in thinking this is a Kid vs. Conan movie, cause it isn’t; thriller aspects are the best draw here and is just a whole lot of fun

First off, let me tell you right now: this isn’t your typical Detective Conan movie – in a good way. The Lost Ship In The Sky is the 14th addition to the Detective Conan movie franchise. Jirokichi Suzuki, who has just made most luxurious blimp in the World, challenges everyone’s favourite phantom thief Kaitou KID to steal the big jewel “Lady of the Sky” which is being transported on the blimp. Conan and his friends are on board like usual. However, the blimp gets hijacked by a group of terrorists who threaten to release a deadly virus onto the blimp. Conan and KID may have to work together in order to overcome this dangerous situation before the virus endangers the entire population of Kyoto. As stated, this movie is a huge departure from every single Detective Conan movie to date. Foregoing a plot driven by a murder mystery, the movie is mostly a thriller, relying on the graphics, sound effects and the constant danger surrounding the protagonists to keep the audience engaged. Gone are the constant guesses at who the culprit is – you’re too busy worrying about the fate of the cast rather than trying to figure out how the murder was conducted. It may seem like a daunting idea that there isn’t a person murdered under mysterious circumstances and Conan doing the detective work in the world of Case Closed, but this movie is arguably the most gripping Conan movie seen in many years. Being the thriller that it is, it succeeded very well. Both the pacing and progression are very good. It managed to keep me on the edge of my seat for the course of the entire movie and prevented my mind from drifting off even once. This is a feat that a Conan movie hasn’t accomplished in many years. As for the plot itself, it certainly lacks depth in comparison to most previous Conan movies. This goes all the way from the plan, motive and even the execution. This is to be expected from a thriller – a genre that keeps the audience’s heart beat fast instead of taxing the brain to work out what’s going on. For a TV series with more than 600 episodes full of the latter experience, this movie is a fresh break from traditional Conan ordeals which plenty of us see on a weekly basis. The fact that this movie has Kaitou KID in it already makes it a must-watch for his army of fans. However, if you’re watching this movie for the composed, calculated phantom thief putting on an extravagant show for like he always does, prepare to be disappointed. There’s no such thing as a grand entrance, and epic theft and a perfect getaway in this movie. His role in this movie has been changed from the pivotal anti-hero to a support character who exist for slapstick humour. This is the first time that Kaitou KID has been depicted in such a manner in the Detective Conan movie franchise, and is sure to frustrate and anger a lot of of his fans. However, as a true fan, I welcome the implementation of KID as such a character. Any reader of the original Magic Kaito series should know that behind the scenes, KID isn’t the impeccable criminal mastermind who is as confident and composed as he is in front of his audience. In reality, he really is just Kaito Kuroba, a high school student who has a sense of humour and loves to have fun. Up to now, he has always been shown with his poker face in the Detective Conan series, as if he is another character. Finally, he is shown with his mask off in the Detective Conan franchise. Many people are likely shocked by this sudden transformation, as if “his character is being ruined”. You need to realize that the Kaitou KID in this movie, by no means, is out of character at all. In fact, this is his true face, which has been kept hidden from you who have exclusively seen Detective Conan. He’s still the lovable phantom thief whose amazing charisma will surely grip you again throughout the course of this movie. The animation is again, beautifully accurate and fluid like all other Conan movies due to their remarkably high budget. The use of CG has been toned down since the Raven Chaser, and the implementation is much more natural. As for the soundtrack, well, it’s pretty much the only thing that’s remained practically unchanged since the first movie, which isn’t bad. It’s as jazzy as ever and sets the atmosphere perfectly. As for all the other recurring characters, they are faultlessly presented in this movie like usual. Nothing to complain about here. Ran is the damsel in distress. Kogoro is there for comic relief. The Detective Boys become the critical keys to success and Conan saves the day in the end as usual. Even Dr. Agasa’s dry joke still makes an appearance. The Lost Ship In The Sky certainly isn’t going to carter for everyone’s tastes, especially with the distinct shift of genre from mystery to thriller. Also, the comedy has been toned up drastically in comparison to any Conan movie to date. The shift between light-hearted and serious scenes are incredibly rapid. There’s a laugh in here every ten minutes or so throughout the whole movie, even in the tensest parts. Depending on you, it may make or break the entire experience. For me, it made the experience better, but I don’t represent the entire population. This movie has been the most enjoyable Conan movie for me since the The Phantom of Baker Street which released eight years ago, which I enjoyed for completely different reasons. This is the first Conan movie I have ever enjoyed simply due to its exciting, mindless fun. While I don’t wish for all future movies to follow in the same steps, this type of execution was perfect for The Lost Ship In The Sky. If you’re a Conan fan, watching this movie is a no-brainer. P.S. You MUST watch the scene after the credits. It’s a direct continuation that is the true ending of the movie.

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