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Score: 8.12/10


A vicious sniper has appeared in Tokyo, rendering the people too scared to go outside, once again it's up to Conan to figure out the meaning behind the killings and capture the mysterious sniper before more lives are lost. (Source: ANN)

There was once a time when I really hated this movie. But after some consideration, I’ve decided that Detective Conan: Dimensional Sniper isn’t all that bad and actually has enough merit to stand on its own as a good movie.

The one thing that really made upset about this movie is how careless Conan is. Despite how intelligent he is, he still ends up in dangerous situations that almost get him killed. While some of these incidents are out of his control, it doesn’t excuse Conan from not taking extra precautions when dealing with a professional killer such as this one. Easily my least favorite part of the movie.

I also didn’t really like the detective boys in this movie. Sure, they helped Conan figure out the “other dimension” trick and saved someone later on. But they just come off as ungrateful and oblivious to just how serious things are in this movie. A dangerous killer is on the loose! The least they could do is be a little affected by the situation. I’d also complain about Ran’s flippant nature from wishing Shinichi were here to actually being awesome, but I guess that’s just par for the course when it comes to these movies.

On the other hand, this movie has a really good serial murder case involving the FBI investigating a rouge SEALS sniper. The references to the American military and combat really appealed to me and was one of the key elements that helped me to appreciate this movie even more than I did before. The case itself was also very interesting, especially the twist that involved the “other dimension” bit.

In a surprise twist, the culprit(s) behind the murders are probably the most sympathetic characters in the whole movie series. To think just how much the culprit’s life had been screwed other by his targets almost had me rooting for him to take revenge. But OMG, the Engrish in this movie is an absolute joy all throughout! Easily the best part of the movie.

With all things considered, I no longer despise this movie as I used to. In fact, I’d say it’s (almost) one of the better movies. Certainly not top 5, but another solid entry in the series. Give this one watch when you can and see for yourself.

I saw this on an airplane, and this is the first Detective Conan anime I have seen, so my review may seem myopic. This review is of the movie as a standalone film, which I admit may seem unfair because it is part of such a longstanding and successful franchise. Overall, the movie was enjoyable but did not leave me completely satisfied. Perhaps this was because the whole time the story felt like a side story. The characters keep alluding to "them" (Black Organization) throughout the film and there are far too many characters that split up the story. It is hard to really know who the main character is, as Conan is often on the sideline and has all of his allies show up conveniently throughout the story. The main story is actually about who appear to be all-new characters altogether, though their motives and cheesy American accents do not fit in well with the veteran characters. All of this ended up making the film quite confusing. The mystery itself is not very exciting, though the action sequences and gadgetry were enjoyable. The art style is unique and a little reminiscent of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, something I do not see often in anime but was able to enjoy. The quality is not stellar, considering it is a movie, but passable. The sound, on the other hand, was exhilarating during the action sequences. Conan's skateboard skidding across pavement and bullets whizzing through the air were positively thrilling and edge-of-your-seat fun. Background music was not bad either. The characters introduced for the film were entertaining caricatures of Americans (something that also reminded me of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons), but ultimately none of the characterization really stuck with me. I liked Conan but he was rarely on screen, an opportunity I think the film missed out on. As I mentioned before, there were far too many characters in the film, and no one was able to stand out. While I enjoyed the film, the story and characters were not able to hold it up. What the film did do is get me interested in the character of Conan and the rest of the franchise. In this sense, I believe the film was quite successful.

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