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Score: 7.19/10

It’s more Goblin Slayer. It’s not really better quality than the average goblin slayer s1 episode but not worse either, it doesn’t reach the greatness of some of the great episodes sadly. You’re not gonna start watching goblin slayer by watching this movie, but if u will then instantly you will be spoiled for the first 25 mins that recaps season 1. Goblins are slain, in pretty decent fashion but nothing too creative, at the end of the day this was mediocre-average but disappointing since i expect better quality and writing from a movie but this truly feels like a slightly extended episode with a recap. But a disappointing goblin slayer episode is still better than most of action anime out there.

Im going to make this review short and easy. The first 30 minutes of the movie is just a recap of what happened in the show. The rest of the 40 to 50 minutes is about The goblin slayer just saving a girl and killing more goblins. They go on a snowy mountain and start killing goblins. That's it. This pretty much sums up the movie. I gave it a 6 because it was your normal goblin slayer. It was fine. Its a pretty short review I now have to type because it doesn't let me submit this review, that is how you know this review is short.

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