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Score: 6.33/10


A door opens, and a golden seal shatters a star. It is the early 21st century. Mankind has lost the battle for planet Earth to Godzilla, and has taken to the stars in search of a new home. But the search ends in vain, forcing them and their alien allies back to Earth. But 20,000 years have passed in their absence, and the Earth is a wholly different place. The planet's flora and fauna now embody and serve Godzilla. Earth is a monster's planet, ruled by the largest Godzilla ever at 300 meters in height. Godzilla Earth. Human protagonist, Captain Haruo, yearns to defeat Godzilla and retake the planet for mankind. There, he meets aboriginal descendants of the human race, the Houtua tribe. The Houtua twin sisters, Maina and Miana, lead him to the skeletal remains of Mecha-Godzilla, an old anti-Godzilla weapon, which to everyone's surprise is still alive in the form of self-generating nanometal. Taken from the Mecha-Godzilla carcass, the nanometals have gradually been rebuilding a "Mecha-Godzilla City," a potential weapon capable of destroying Godzilla Earth. As the strategy develops, a rift forms between the humans and the Bilusaludo, one of several alien races that had joined the humans on their exodus from Earth. Their leader, Galu-gu, believes that the secret to defeating Godzilla lies in the use of superhuman powers – namely, the nanometal integration – but Haruo resists, fearing that in defeating monsters, they must not become monsters themselves. Haruo ultimately uses his means for defeating Godzilla Earth to destroy the Mecha-Godzilla city so as to prevent nanometal assimilation, killing Galu-gu. However, his childhood friend, Yuuko, has been absorbed by the nanometal integration and has fallen into a brain dead coma. The human race, once again, is lost. Metphies, commander of the priestly alien race, Exif, marvels at the miraculous survival of Haruo, he begins to attract a following. The Exif has secretly harbored this outcome as their "ultimate goal." Miana and Maina issue warnings against Metphies, while Haruo begins to question mankind's next move. With no means for defeating Godzilla Earth, mankind watches as King Ghidorah, clad in a golden light, descends on the planet. The earth shakes once again with as war moves to a higher dimension. What is Godzilla exactly? Does mankind stand a chance? Is there a future vision in Haruo's eyes? Find out in the finale. (Source: Official site)

Unable to destroy Godzilla through the use of conventional anime tropes, the constipated crew from the previous film decided to turn toward religion to summon Shenron to grant their wish of eliminating “The King of Monsters.” But they forgot one important detail: they didn’t collect the seven dragon balls beforehand. Enraged by their insolence, Shenron (i.e. Ghidorah) destroyed his believers to clear the way for his cataclysmic, multiverse bout with the reigning world champion. In a rare turn of events, Stone Cold Steve Austin decided to step in as the guest referee. Proving, once again, that unapologetic alcoholism will lead to some “golden” opportunities.

Story: Gahhhhhh

They basically reused the same talkity-talk-talk, time to fight now formula they used in the second film. Nothing interesting takes place during the build up to Godzilla’s “final” battle. The fight between Godzilla and Ghidorah is extremely bland. And Godzilla’s heel-face turn was much expected. The humans involved don’t even seem to learn any significant lessons from their ordeal, and seem quite ignorant about their own blunders in creating the fearsome “monster.”

Characters: Blaahhhhh

The character’s are as poorly written as they are animated. None of them convey more than two emotions, nor do they come off as “real” or relatable. The ending scene where Harou decided to “crash” his spacecraft into Godzilla was as perplexing as it was stupid. The writers of this abomination, clearly, did not put much thought into developing their cast of characters in any meaningful manner.

Animation: Ooooffff

You would think that 2018 level animation would be better than this; unfortunately, you’d be sadly mistaken. The characters basic motions — like walking — look incredibly awkward (mechanical, if you will). Godzilla and Ghidorah’s battle looked herky-jerky, at best. In addition, the scenery had a lifeless texture, that expunged any element of vitality or realism.

Enjoyment: Meeehhhh

If you are simply watching this film for the “epic” battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah, then I have bad news for you: the battle was dreadful. The writers attempted to amp the viewer’s expectations by postponing the “momentous” exchanges between the two monsters until the very end. But it felt like they were extending the eventual payoff for the sake of stretching out the movie to qualify as such.

Not much else to say. The movie, much like its predecessors, is incredibly prosaic, with a paucity in excitement and originality.

People hating on this series for no big monster fights, well too bad this is not that type movie. Urobuchi who wrote scripts for psycho pass take the scripts for this series so you would expect ideas of dystopia, religion, technology, humanity. You would love the series if you enjoy all kinds of debates about the above topics in a post apocalypse scene, and apparently English translation on netflix is not so good either. It tries to review what religions, technology(rationality) really did to and utilize humanity, questioning the outcome of their prosperity, set up an what if that both(religion become cult)(technology become anti human and emotionless, like in terminator and stuff) if not used well would lead to destruction(creates monsters like godzilla, mecha godziilla and so). I really recommend the series to more patient watchers.

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