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Score: 6.14/10


Tales of old speak of the legends of Excalibur, a sacred sword. The sword is wielded by those who are worthy of its power, bestowing them extraordinary strength and granting them the title of Arthur. However, a divine miracle results in the creation of multiple Excaliburs, thus distorting the fabric of time. Aiming to revert time to its original course, a group of six Arthurs composed of Danchou, Renkin, Kakka, Yamaneko, Tekken, and Rurou are sent back in time when the abnormal Excaliburs were spawned. They are assigned with one sole task: to destroy the Excaliburs of the past—all of which total up to one million. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

From the year 2018 and ongoing, there will be more split-cour seasons to lessen the burden of new series coming into play, and that’s the cause of this popular smartphone game that is Million Arthur. And I have a nitpick: With how this initial season already played its cards, I wouldn’t be surprised if Season 2 in Spring 2019 will be more of the same.

Hangyakusei Million Arthur may look like the generic game adaptation that so many others have tried to imitate, and isn’t good, but as it stands out, it’s the typical wash-rinse-repeat formula of fighting some evildoers with their weapons called Excaliburs (which gives them powers), and the 6-man team (Dancho, Renkin, Kakka, Rurou, Yamaneko and Tekken) must traverse through all periods of time to exterminate a million people for their mission to be accomplished.

As par with its premise, it’s really nothing special but it does good on its own. Characters are what it is (none from the game itself), and the amount of action is good and balanced enough. Still, nothing to trifle about.

Based off on Square Enix’s popular RPG, there shouldn’t be a surprise that J.C.Staff could pull this off with minimal effort. Great choice of art and animations that follow strictly from the game itself (or rendition), and honestly, it doesn’t look too bad. Same goes to the very generic music too, nothing that really captures the most wanted attention, but it fits and as far as I’m concerned, also a non-issue here.

But…I’m not ashamed to say that if you want to watch this, I’d much suggest you wait until almost the end of Spring 2019 to binge-watch this split-cour from start to end (like around Episode 22/23 then start from Episode 1 way back in this season). Not to say that I enjoyed this anime, but there isn’t really a whole lot to say about it

2018 has come and is near at end but with no short anime to tide weirdos like me by. Indeed, we’ve been through an entire year without a single season of Teekyuu and the drought can be felt throughout. The likes of hyper wacky fast paced comedy doesn’t seem to have much of a pull as it once did many moons ago... Fear not however! For an adequate replacement exists! For you see, at the very end of every Million Arthur episode is 2 nutrition filled minutes of the secret season 5 of Ai Mai Mii (season 4 being Square Enix’s ONA series from 2015), providing you and your family with well needed stimulants to keep your brain running through tough winters. Head over to your local cat themed restaurant today and get your copy of Jakusansei Million Arthur today! (The actual anime's pretty good too. Like a weaker Last Period, but still enjoyable nonetheless. Ah what a great year for mobage adaptations~)

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