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Dumped by his girlfriend, emotionally shattered college student Kazuya Kinoshita attempts to appease the void in his heart through a rental girlfriend from a mobile app. At first, Chizuru Mizuhara seems to be the perfect girl with everything he could possibly ask for: great looks and a cute, caring personality. Upon seeing mixed opinions on her profile after their first date, and still tormented by his previous relationship, Kazuya believes that Chizuru is just playing around with the hearts of men and leaves her a negative rating. Angry at her client's disrespect towards her, Chizuru reveals her true nature: sassy and temperamental, the complete opposite of Kazuya's first impression. At that very moment, Kazuya receives news of his grandmother's collapse and is forced to bring Chizuru along with him to the hospital. Although it turns out to be nothing serious, his grandmother is ecstatic that Kazuya has finally found a serious girlfriend, which had always been her wish. Unable to tell her the truth, Kazuya and Chizuru are forced into a fake relationship—acting as if they are truly lovers.

The show is really funny. It's a good show for laughs and gags. I am interested in how the story will develop but as for now its good. This review is gonna be short so yea. - I do not expect the story to be serious but I hope it will be a good one nevertheless. - The art is good, I mean what do you expect form professionals. - Sound is good, I did not have much problems in the sound design, could do better but it is good for now. - Character is great, Kazuya is a great mc, his family's history was also fleshed out so that's a plus, Chizuru's real personality and "girlfriend" personality contrasts so that's good character design. - I really enjoyed the first episode and will definitely have my eye on this show for upcoming episodes and possibly seasons. -Overall, it's a very good show and since there is only one episode out, that makes me wonder how they can make the show better, but yeah that's the review. I am hoping you will watch and enjoy Rent a Girlfriend as I did, until the next anime review, bye.

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