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Kingdom 3rd Season Anime Cover

Score: 7.42/10

Kingdom 3rd Season

Alt Title : Kingdom Season 3

JP Title : キングダム 第3シリーズ

Year : 2020

Genre : Action, Historical, Military, Seinen

Season : Spring 2020

Status : Ongoing

Rating : R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

Duration : Unknown

Studios : Studio Signpost


Third season of Kingdom.

This is my first review i have ever written, so I am sorry if it is bad. Man, this season is such a surprise. Im happy that although the censoring is still there, the animation has improved this season Story: 9 So far, this season revolves on Qin, that is getting attacked from all the other 6 states; a coalition invasion. It is based on actual history, so that's cool to see too. Amazing tactics are present during this war again from either Qin, or the coalition army. Characters: 10 Easily the best of thing of this show. Xin (Shin) is just so awesome. Although he is a bit reckless sometimes, you are just always so f*cking hyped when you see him slice through his enemies. Lord Biao (Duke Hyou).is the definition of hype. These are the 2 standouts of this season, so far during these 4 episodes. Art: 7 This season's animation is a HUGE improvement compared to the other 2 seasons. You can really see the budget is bigger, probably because of the huge popularity of the manga now, and the live action movie that did very good. Although it did improve, it is still clunky sometimes and the character designs are very bad sometimes. It is still very watchable though, and an improvement to season 1 and 2. Sound 9: Hiroyuki Sawano strikes again. Although the music had not much variety in episode 1, he later proved that you never need to worry when Sawano is in charge of the music. I really love Xin's seiyuu. You get so hyped when he commands his army. All the other seiyuus stand out too. Enjoyment: 10 This series just gets me so hype. It really makes me feel like a real man. I scream so hard when something hype happens lol. Overall: 9 As I am a huge fan of the manga, ofcourse I am gonna like this. A strong 9 for me this far.

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