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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Detonation Anime Cover

Score: 7.50/10

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Detonation

Alt Title : Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Detonation

JP Title : 魔法少女リリカルなのは Detonation

Year : 2018

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Super Power

Season :

Status : Complete

Rating : None

Episodes : 1/1

Duration : 1 hr. 51 min.

Studios : Seven Arcs Pictures

I’ve been a fan of MGLN for a very long time now. I’ve watched all three seasons maybe three times each and read a bit of ViVid (though the anime and manga were both very disappointing and obviously 100% fanservice). I’m glad that they went back to their roots to create Reflection and Detonation. However, though i did appreciate the first movie (Reflection) a lot, I have to say that Detonation was kind of unnecessary.

First, the positives. The art was amazing and so was the soundtrack. There is about as many explosions in this movie as you would expect in a Michael Bay movie, so if that’s a positive for you then you’ll definitely appreciate this one.

Now, for the negatives. Almost everything about the story did not make sense to me as well as the pacing of the whole movie. I don’t want to write any spoilers, but you do find out who is the “real” real villain (after you find out that Iris is the villain in Reflection) and you get this whole backstory as to why they became a villain…but the motivation and backstory do not make sense at all? It was quite a REACH honestly for the villain to commit those crimes and whatever plans they had. Like they really didn’t have any logical motivation to do what they did. Also, for the matter of pacing, Nanoha doesn’t get any of the spotlight in this movie (nor did she in Reflection, but in that movie it was fine since they were trying to set up the new characters and their arcs) but she randomly gets some character development at the very end of the movie for no apparent reason. It just felt so sudden and, again, unnecessary.

What I loved about this entire franchise is the way that they represented and wrote female friendships (or even gay romance if you see that). Their storytelling was always something that astounded me and moved me to tears no matter how many times I’ve watched the original three seasons. Yet, I am disappointed in this movie and how much of it fell flat. Well, I hope they continue to make more animes in this universe. I’ll certainly give them a watch. If only they stopped making ViVid…

Warning! This review has spoilers!! Well, before starting the review, I believe many saw the classic Nanoha series. So as a fan of the classic 2004 and 2005 series, I can say that they really managed to improve in the movie series. Starting with the first movie: The first film tells the events of the classic series of 2004 with an animation already superior to the one of the series. The second film tells the events of the 2005 series, which was one of my personal favorites. However the second movie far surpassed the previous one, why? Well, see for yourself, battles, animation, history, etc ... Now let's go to the newly released movies: Personally the idea of ​​creating a third movie for the series thrilled me a lot because as a fan of the classic series I was excited to see the girls in action. The third movie starts off calm, just like everyone else in the series, showing the girls on their vacation ride, when at least noticing incidents occurs where they are. Remembering that new characters from the PSP game called Nanoha Gears of Destiny are the new causes of this movie. Let's start with Kyrie the other characters and the plot: Not much to say about Kyrie, just a girl who is desperate to save her father and her planet even though it may cause trouble for others while her older sister Amitie tries to stop her. In the end Kyrie was just being used by Iris that wanted revenge. But who is Iris? Calm down we get there. Lol Iris is an original character created to be Kyrie's friend in movie 3. Iris, who in turn appears to be a docile and kind girl, soon proved capable of being manipulative and cruel. For a misunderstanding in the past, the sweet and kind "Iris" sought a chance to take revenge on a "demon" who stole everything from her, but who was this "demon"? The character described as being a "demon" by Iris is Yuri, but seriously who is Yuri? Lol, well, Yuri who in turn, like Kyrie and Amitie, are from the game Gears of Destiny as well as Stern, Levi and Dearche I'll explain soon. Everything revolves around these new characters that appeared during the third movie. It all began with the goal of "obtaining and eternal crystal and infinite power" but behind it was something bigger. Iris's desire for revenge for Yuri "the planet-destroying demon". Iris's desire for revenge takes her on an absolute journey of wanting to kill Yuri at any cost, involving the whole planet. However, after showing both their past of Iris and Yuri are revealed that, everything was a bigger frame of the new villain that appears midway through the movie. But what villain would that be? Well, it wasn't a good character, I expected more from him, but I didn't have much to do, since the movie was already in the final stretch. The point that excited me the most was the finale, as it was a great reflection for the protagonist of the series, as we not only found out that Nanoha didn't like herself, but that she was willing to go so far just for desire of " protect". Story: 8 Art: 10 Sound: 10 Character: 8 Enjoyment: 8 Overall: 10 I apologize for my English, I'm not fluent yet, I'm studying.

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