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Score: 7.12/10


After a scooter accident provoked by a mysterious woman's vision, Angelino, a deadbeat like thousands of others in Dark Meat City, starts getting violent migraines that are accompanied by strange hallucinations. Along with his good buddy Vinz, he tries to figure out what's happening to him while threatening men in black seem determined to catch him. (Source: Annecy)

This is a rare opportunity of a life time when you see a film releasing world wide or i mean all theaters in the US, such as imax etc. Overall shout out to gkids who distributed this film. when it to animation and character design in this film which first started from a comic series that i should probably check out but anyways the way 4c studio adapted so well and so beautiful i was blown away plus this contains veteran animator also other in-between animator as well. Watch the English version. its more proper to the story it take place

When it comes to the plot and narrative which i need to re-watch the film. I do believe the pacing is pretty good to an extent which i mean its somewhat fast past a well, also make the story less flesh out in some certain area such as character, agenda and execution meaning climax. causing the story to be somewhat absurd sometimes which i wish i spoil but nope. Characters traits are brilliant they have there quirks and there irony which there ignorant teenager humor and some *spoiler* –political conspiracy–.

The problem when i see altra violent art in anime or films. Its how they portrayed. I more likely ranting but ima make this quick and simple you can’t just add voilent and bate the viewer by adding simple or cutie design or personality traits and smash them into piece. They tend to get a huge mass of view when it comes to show like … re zero but overall in this film its really organic such as action, body gesture movement, caracter and characters, making them feel believable when you bring them to a gritty poverty slum setting.

the soundtrack is great. u get dat french house shit. i think some track are good and some are abit ehh.. But don’t worry theres orchestrated tracks as well.

First you get the redline 2009 then you the the devilmane and now you get the mutafukaz. You see where im getting at. I felt like we need to promote more traditional animation being release in huge popular theaters to help domestic sales and gets some fucking oscar awards not no fake ass asian big hero 6 winning over princess kaguya

This is my first review, so please don't kill me for any mistakes... ;) Interesting that a quite niche-anime like Mutafukaz gets a two-days cinema screening in Germany thanks to Peppermint. There were just around 20 people in the movie when I was watching it, so financially it may not have been that good for the cinema. Still for me it was worth it. Story (3/10): For me, the only bad thing about the movie was the story. Without doing any spoilers, it's just senseless and hilarious, especially in the second half of the movie. It fits to the movie in general, but some things just happen randomly and you think "why the hell is this part of the movie?" or "what's going on here? that doesn't make sense". It's just hangling around from joke to joke without a proper point to reach at first, and everything is happening too fast to think about it some more. Well, the movie doesn't take itself too serious, so it's okay, but I didn't like it. The comical absurdity made me give it 3 points for story, otherwise a 2 or 1 would not have been far away... Art (7/10): The source material for the movie is a French comic strip, so don't expect an Asian art style here at all. Everyhing looks like a mixture between European and American culture (it plays in America somehow, so that's fine). It doesn't feel like an anime, more like a normal European animation movie. The animation is well-done and there are so much details in the pictures that you won't be able to get all at your first watch for sure. Sound (9/10): A cultural mixture of French hip-hop and house, and Latin music (for example Reggaeton). For me the best song was the Reggaeton song running during the credits. The songs perfectly fit to the background, but are completely different from most anime soundtracks. You may be disappointed if you like the pop/rock/metal-oriented soundtracks of Japanese anime movies. Character (7/10): Most characters in this movie didn't really make sense or were just hilariously exaggerated (clichès / stereotypes ahead!), which absolutely makes sense concerning the story. The two main characters are the only ones acting fairly normal. Sadly only one of the two gets a real characterization, while the second one acts more as a sidekick that stumbled into the whole thing by accident. Does he even have motives? We don't know... In addition to that, it's not explained why some of the protagonists look as they look. This may be some reference, too, but I didn't get it then. Enjoyment (9/10): I was just laughing all the time (except for the parts where I was thinking "what the hell is going on here?"). The movie features lots and lots of Western cultural references. The humour of this movie is REALLY black. They don't fear to mock about anything: brand names, conspiracy theories, people, politics and many more. This is why the movie was so enjoyable for me, and I'm sure I didn't find all the hints and references at first watch. Some senseless stuff made me sigh because I didn't find it funny, but the rest was really worth it. Overall: 6/10 Well, I'm sad that the story was not really fitting for me. The rest was very good and I would have given an 8/10, but this more or less patched story doesn't allow it. I gave a 6/10 because the movie overall is exactly what this number means: "nice". I recommend tha movie to everybody from a Western audience who wants to laugh about cultural jokes. I fear many Asian viewers or people who like anime may be disappointed when watching it.

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