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Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan Cover

Chitose-chan is quite possibly one of the cutest and most enduring animated animals I have had the pleasure joining in it’s adventures. While I am going to go a bit into detail about what I thought was okay and what I really enjoyed, I will say now that this is a definite watch (especially for a short anime series) and would watch another season if produced.

The story is literally the synopsis and while it doesn’t get the chance to expand as much as I would like into it, does deliver at least one interesting new fact about Kyoto or a heartwarming moment with Chitose-chan.

Speaking of, Chitose-chan is incredibly expressive and the right amount of cuteness that you would protect with your life. Most of the other characters (like humans she meets) and backgrounds match the show’s overall aesthetic and while not as cute compared to Chitose-chan, do leave an overall soothing impression that heals the mind after a long day.

The music is enjoyable to listen to (especially the theme song for the first half of the series) and helps bring everything together. A big shout-out in particular to the narrator and Chitose-chan who nail their roles perfectly in terms of voice-acting.

If your in need of a sweet series with a lovable animal, please give your love to Chitose-chan and they will not disappoint.

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