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Score: 8.23/10


The Straw Hat Pirates enter the rough seas of the New World in search of the hidden treasures of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger-One Piece. On their voyage, the pirates come across a terrifying, powerful man, former Marine Admiral Z. Z is accused of having stolen the "Dyna Stones", weapons believed to have the power to shake up the New World. The Marine Headquarters believes Z is about to use it to end the pirate era, and with it, the lives of many innocent people. In fear of such a phenomenal event, marines start to take action against the former admiral. Even if it means stumbling upon marines and the navy, the Straw Hat Pirates decided to chase after Z and stop him from causing havoc. As they continue to embark on their ventures, the pirates bump into new and familiar acquaintances.

This was probably the best one piece movie (I haven’t seen them all though I stopped after movie 6). But even though it was really good in comparison with it’s uninteresting predecessors it still had some flows. The story was interesting as a plot but it had some minor problems with the development (some scenes could been cut off like the second batle between Luffy and Z). The good thing is that it had some points of the original anime that we are not seeing now and I at least had miss like the appearance of the admirals especially Kizaru’s or the sea train. The animation was good old Toei and the fights especially the last one were animated pretty good, The sound well the ending is consisted of two demos from Avrile Lavigne who to tell the truth I’m not a big fan of her. Still I believe they could have just keep the first one as a whole and skip the second because it was out of the anime’s atmosphere. The OST’s were pretty good but the one who really stood out was the song that Z sings right when the movie starts. Later on Daisuke Ono (the voice actor of Kizaru) also sings it and the result is a real eargasm. Really one of the reasons that I would recommend you to see this movie is only to hear his version of the song XD.The voice actors were almost all pretty good but I didn’t like a lot those who were voicing Z’s underlings. The new important characters that this movie introduces us is Z and his two underlings. Z was a very well built character I sympathized with him a lot but I can’t say the same for his two companions who had very little screen time unfortunately. As for the enjoyment I pretty much enjoyed this film it was way better from the previews one piece films but I believe that if the writers tried a little bit more the movie would be even more awesome. Overall it was a really nice try. I would recommend you to watch this movie in your spare time if you like one piece. It’s not something extremely wow but it’s not something really bad either.

Goda strikes again. I can't express in words of how amazing this movie is. All I have to say is go watch it for yourself. For this review it will be broken down into four parts: Music, Animation, Characters and Story. Music: If you watched the trailers, you know that two tracks of Avril Lavigne would be played in the movie but you won't hear that until the credit rolls. First half was "How You Remind Me" and then "Bad Reputation" played after that. The original soundtrack was brilliant. It was different while at the same time maintaining that One Piece feel we all love; high tension to melancholy themes that played throughout different scenes. Animation: There was a lot of CGI just like Strong World. The action scenes were animated far better than anything I've ever seen in previous One Piece movies or the anime. The angles and camera movements following every scene was done fluidly. Characters: The title of the movie is quite self-explanatory. The movie focused on Z, at times even more than the Straw Hat gang. Character Z, also known as Zephyr had such deep story to him and if you love backstories of various characters in One Piece, you'll definitely love Z's. As for our lovable characters, the Straw Hats each got their turns to shine in this movie, however the stronger and prominent fighters such as the Monster Trio(Luffy, Zoro and Sanji) had their own individual opponent to fight. Franky was the next in line after the Monster Trio. Usopp also had good action scenes, but not quite on the same level. Nami and Robin at times were used for fan-service until the climactic battle at the end. Chopper was funnier than ever before, but not entirely important to the story. Brook didn't do a lot in terms of getting into battles, but he had his comedic moments just like Chopper. Story: This movie as an entirety was built around the Marine lore and back story. This will have it's drawbacks for some though. The story had lots of explanation regarding the principle themes of the Marines and some characters were basically used strictly just for the sole purpose of providing exposition. To fit the plot in a movie length time span, it was surprisingly well done. This was one huge gripes that I had with Oda's previous project, Strong World was a bit of a let down. With Film Z, I feel that he understood what it took to make a movie that retains the breathtaking aura of One Piece series, and he delivered it. I would love to talk about just about every scenes in the movie but I want to keep it spoiler-free. If this movie doesn't win major awards in Japan, I will be very surprised. It surely deserves to be nominated in Japanese Academy Awards and win Best Animated Japanese Film Awards or even Best Picture of the Year Awards.

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