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Quanzhi Gaoshou zhi Dianfeng Rongyao Anime Cover

Score: 8.29/10

As other reviews already stated, it is pretty fast paced, especially the training phase, which was kinda non existant. Regardless, the movie was still close to a masterpiece to me.
Compared to japanese animes I’ve watched the past years, this is on a totally different level. Having watched many chinese anime until now, I got used to how fast they feel, I have barely time to read the subtitles, which I never had a problem with before. Maybe to others, this adds to the already fast paced story on some parts.

Story: 9/10 I loved the story right from the beginning. I only feel it lacks a bit of interaction between the characters.

Art: 10/10 What else can I say. No 5 year olds that are actually 25 and no giant, wobbly boobies.

Sound: 10/10 Apart from the amazing soundtracks, the simple sound effects they use to dramatize a scene are something that doesn’t even exist in japanese anime. They also added details to small things like the sound of their armor mid battle. Simply awesome!

Character: 8/10 Like other reviews already stated, due to the fast pace it’s a bit hard to get to know the characters or add any real character development. Regardless, I liked the characters and the most important characters got enough love to grow to like them.

Enjoyment: 9/10 I watched it for the action, awesome animation and badass MC. And I got action, awesome animations and a badass MC!

Overall: 9/10 Apart from a few problems the show had, I loved it. There’s no such sing as a “really perfect anime” every show has it’s flaws somewhere and for me the flaws in this one were a minimum.

It was refreshing to see an anime stray from the cliche all animes are filled with nowadays. Because I’m already fed up with those.

It’s pretty simple, though: If you came here for action, you will like this anime. If you came here for characters, their problems and development, you probably won’t. But maybe give it a try anyway. Because I don’t know about others who watched it, but I had a few tears in my eyes here and then, anyway.

The King's Avatar movie is a pretty enjoyable movie to watch. However, as a standalone movie, the shortcomings become to show, particularly in the story and character department. Art: The art is beautiful, on par with some great Japanese anime. The animation, aside from the hit or miss parts before the final climax, is excellent as well. The final fight between the MC and the last opponent, especially, was godly. Sound: The OST is pretty good as well. Especially on the final fight with, combined with the animation, makes it a great experience to watch. Story: Now this is where the flaws begin. This story serves as a prequel before the entire main series. However, even then, the plot was rushed, especially since you're cramming a prequel novel into a 90 minutes movie. There's seem to be pretty rushed directing as well, since between the time of the team forming to the finals except for one point in between, it's just going to places to places. It's sufficient as a companion piece, but as a standalone, it fell short Character: Likewise, because of how rushed the story was, the character development were rushed as well. Aside from MC, his best friend and the sister, the other characters' development were lacking. We didn't know much about them aside from the Spellblade guy. Overall: Despite the shortcomings in the story and character department, plus some hit-or-miss animations before the finals, it's a very enjoyable movie to watch to fill in the time while waiting for Season 2. My recommendation is watch at least Season 1 (and maybe the OVA) before jumping onto the movie.

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