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Score: 6.30/10


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I just finished Zoids wild and I’ll start this review off by saying I am a fan of the Zoids series and wish we had more anime of it as aside from Gundam no other Mecha series was as big as Zoids, but after Genesis it just seemed to vanish.

Then this series appeared in summer of 2018 I was hype, but I originally dropped it as I didn’t like it as much as the others, and would come back later.

I moved on didn’t hear much about it for ages, and forgot about for a time.
Then I saw a couple AMV’s of and thought it looked epic and that it should be done by now.

But when I went to watch it, it was only on 7 episodes with people asking “Where’s the next episode?” Or “Where’s the rest of the series?”

I searched all over for the series but just could not find it, eventually I found it on Daily Motion, now it is in English so keep that in mind when watching.

Now for my actual thoughts on this show, it’s hard to really compare this to other Zoids anime as it’s so different from the others, as in this series the Zoids are living creatures much like our own world except these ones have bodies made of metal and have mechanical parts to them.

We follow Arashi as he bonds to the king of Zoids Wild Liger, and they travel the world battling Death Metal and making many friends along the way.

Arashi makes many hard choices along his journey and grows as he does so all while searching for the ancient treasure Z and whatever it may hold.

Sound wise for this show is great I love how all the zoids sound specially liger as he sound so commanding which fits perfectly.

Animation I like as much like the original they mix CG on the Zoids with the 2d characters as fit so well together.
The Zoids all look and move really well and have great battles.

Character wise we got good and bad, Arash and his friends are fun and the main villain can be quite entertaining with how he pretends to be a goofball but is actually extremly dangerous and sadistic, some of his underlings are kinda weird and had odd names which sound fake imo.

Overall I did enjoy this series it just took awhile to get into it, and the changes to Zoids may turn off fans of the franchise, but I do ask that you give it a chance.

But I give Zoids Wild a 9/10 it’s pretty good.

Probally the least spoken about anime from this season but... i kinda see why. I honestly love this anime. It has a great backstory for the MC. Nice characters and it brings me back to the old days where i watched Zoids, Pokemon and Inazuma. Ill be honest dont expect alot. Its kinda a kid show. If you are into shit like Pokemon, Inazuma or obviously the previous Zoids i'd reccomend it The story is basically about zoids which are mecha animals. Not much has been explained just that our mc wants a team and to find a treassure. you obviously have your generic bad guys. But itsn ot 1, Every episode there is a different enemy. I reccomend this anime. Try to get into it and if you dont like it. Drop it

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